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October 20, 2010
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Chapter 2
Fight to the death

A few days passed and Koeji was enjoying his stay at Kinshou home. He liked her mother's hospitality and watched Kinshou trained well somewhat training himself with the new sword. But one day Koeji noticed Kinshou training harder than usual. "Kinshou is something wrong? You're overdoing it a little." She was panting but looked over at her friend, and said with a smile, "nothing's wrong, I'm training more because the big tournament is coming up" Koeji looked confused since we hadn't heard anything about it until now. "Tournament?" Kinshou went on by saying "yeah, if I win I can become a member of the council." Koeji asked her, "I know its your life dream but why?" She replied, "it's kind of hard to explain... I look up to my mom and how strong she is and the council just seems so cool and everyone respects you, and honors you." "Huh... Sounds cool now that I think about it..." He looked up at the open sky then looked down at Kinshou and asked, "but why doesn't your mom help you train, then you could get much stronger faster?" "Honestly my mom doesn't want me to be in the council, I think it's more of a motherly protective thing, because she's afraid I'll get hurt or something." She said folding her arms. Koeji laughed a little, "well yea its kinda expected if you have that job." "I know, but I'll get strong if she helps me or not!" Koeji saw that she had the determined look on her face again.
    But as she trained her mother Callie was at a council meeting. She saw no one but her was there. After a few minutes of sitting and waiting a teenage boy came to the meeting table and sat next to Callie, he leaned over and hugged her. "Hi Auntie," she put one arm around him and gave him a side hug and responded "hello Laruko."  Laruko moved his dark brown hair from his face as another member sat across from him. He had black spiky hair. "Alright enough with all the huggy crap we have things to talk about." Callie looked at the man and said, "and that would be? Sasuke." A man that was Callie's age that was sitting further down the long table. He had lighter brown hair with bangs that reached down to the tips of his eyes brows, and seemed to dress more royal like than the others. He rested his arms on the table, "well the tournament of course, and were getting a new member today." She looked over at the man, "and he doesn't have to go through the tournament like everyone else why?" Sasuke answered and Callie's attention went back to him. "Laruko and I have been watching him way before that, so him fighting won't be necessary." Laruko smiled and said in a happy tone, "don't worry Auntie by what we've seen he's a crowd favorite." She folded her arms and and leaned back in her chair, "what's his name?" The man answered, "his name is Jin..." he had a tone as if he was going to regret telling her. Callie sighed and said, "let's just move on about the tournament..." Sasuke begun the conversation "this year it's going to be a fight to the death match for everyone." Callie's normal bored look quickly changed to anger. She stood and slammed her hands on the table, which made Laruko jump and put his arms up as if he was going to block an oncoming hit. She yelled, "what!?" The man had a sad tone and wasn't scared of of her, "I'm sorry Callie... It headmasters orders." Callie snapped at the man, "But Ultear! Kinshou is," he cut her off by saying. "We know she's entering, its already been decided and there's nothing we can do."
    Later in the day came and Koeji was bored of training. He complained to Kinshou as he laid on his side picking at the grass, that he wanted to take a break and do something else. She stopped training and looked at him. "Well mom said we shouldn't leave the area but sure, as long as we're back before she is I'm sure we can sneak away for a bit." Koeji sat up and said, "awesome, but what should we do?" Kinshou thought for a moment then put one finger in the air signaling she had an idea. "I could take you into town and get a sheath for your sword. It would be useful to show you around since you're going to be living around her now." He agreed to the idea and got up. They headed into town and Koeji was amazed how nice and peaceful it was even though he couldn't compare it from his old home since he didn't remember. After buying a nice holder for his sword they wandered around for a little while, Koeji began slowing down to the sound of his stomach growling. "I'm getting hungry Kinshou..." She looked at him and said, "I suppose we can get something to eat well we're out here," "good I'm starving!" Koeji shouted in relief.  Kinshou giggled and started running, "follow me!" She said as she began running. Koeji jogged and said in a weak tone, "I'm too hungry to run, no energy!" Kinshou looked back and laughed, "I think your just slow." Suddenly Kinshou ran into someone, they both fell back onto their butts. She got up quickly and said "I'm so sorry sir, I didn't see you." She then helped him up. The man had pink hair and square glasses and was thin for his age, he said to Kinshou with a smile, "oh it's alright I know you didn't mean it." He dusted himself off then Kinshous shoulders. She smiled then said "again I'm very sorry," and ran off with Koeji. Laruko walked over to the man and said "You okay Jin?" He looked and saw Kinshou running. "That's Kinshou, my cousin. But whose the guy?" Jin fixed his glasses and said, "hm just seems to be a friend... " Jin's eyes were focused on Koejis sword as he ran.
    So Kinshou and Koeji got something to eat and she noticed it was starting to get dark. As they were walking Kinshou said, "oh no... My mom should be back by now... Were going to be in such trouble!" Koeji said in a relaxed voice since he had just been fed. "I'm sure she understa-" he felt a dark presence behind him, he looked and saw cold peering eyes, and it was Callie looking down at them in anger. "Uh, Kinshou..." She looked behind her, then was instantly frightened. "Uhhh h-h-h-iii m-m-mom..." Callie said in an angry tone, "didn't I tell you both to stay around the house?" Kinshou said in a speedy tone and shaking "Yeah, but Koeji got bored and hungry, so I didn't want to be rude, so I showed him around town." Koeji snapped at Kinshou, "hey don't pin this on me!" Callie cracked her knuckles. Kinshou yelled "KOEJI RUN" then dashed off into the crowd of people. Koeji followed screaming. Callie chased and yelled at them, "OH YOU'RE NOT DARING TO RUN FROM YOUR PUNISHMENT!!!" Koeji caught up to Kinshou and pushed her out of the way making her fall. "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR TRYING TO PIN THIS ON ME!" Callie stopped behind Kinshou and picked her up easily, "I was going to lighten your punishment if you didn't run, but now I have to think of something worse." She had an evil grin on her face which set Kinshou into more fear, possibly to the point that she was going to cry. "I'm so sorry mom I should have listened to you." Callie calmed down and set Kinshou on her feet then said, "we'll settle this at home... Okay?" Kinshou stopped shaking and nodded.
Callie and Kinshou went home and found Koeji, hiding in room that he was staying in. But Callie had a key and unlocked the door and drug him out of there. She pulled him to the living room by his legs. He tried flailing around but other than getting rug burn it was no use. After letting him go Koeji got on his feet quickly to defend himself, but he saw she looked serious and wasn't going to fight anyone. "Kinshou there something else I need to talk to you about..." Kinshou was sitting on the couch, she gave her mother her attention. "The tournament this year has a different rule, and that is its a fight to the death..." Koeji looked at Kinshous face and saw she looked shocked. Callie then said, "Kinshou i-" "that just means... I have to work harder!"  Kinshou said getting up then hugging Callie, "you don't have to worry, I'm your daughter that means I get my strength from you." Koeji watched as they tightly held each other, then remembered when he had those moments with his own family. He looked down trying to forget. The day of the tournament came and Kinshou, Callie, and Koeji were walking to the tournament arena. The closer they got the more they heard the chant of "kill, kill, kill." Which made Callie even more worried about Kinshou entering. Callie looked at Kinshou, "well sweety... I have to go into the council part of the arena... I love you" she hugged her one last time and walked away. "I love you too" she said, and watched her walk away then looked at Koeji. "You should go find a seat" she said to him. "I will but first I have to pee," he ran off quickly to find the restroom she smiled softly and entered the arena. Callie went and found her seat in between two other members she knew very well then asked, "did I miss anything?" On the right side was a man named Suijeko, he had white hair and like Ultear also dressed like royalty. He said in a bored tone, "nope just weak fights, no one interesting yet." Ultear who was on Callie's left side then asked, "Is Kinshou still fighting?" Callie nodded and said worryingly, "there was nothing I could say that would stop her."
The tournament began and they watched as many people were slaughtered or spared barely by the clock. Neither one of them smiled or chanted like the crowd. Kinshou was doing very well proceeding higher and higher into the tournament, which Callie was very relieved about. But there was one person that stood out the most in his fight. The announcers voice came over the speakers saying, "next up we have Ownko and his opponent Ijeko" They both came from their sides of the arena. Ownko have thick armor on his chest, and Ijeko having a mask on with a cloak so no one could see his body. Once the announcer said fight the cheering started up again.
    Ownko took his sword out, Ijeko bowed and put his hand on his sword handle. Ownko charged at him, the 3 council members watched and looked stunned as Ijeko was suddenly was behind his opponent putting his sword back into its sheath. Suddenly Ownko split into two halves The crowd went silent trying to figure out what happened. Then like that, even without knowing the crowd cheered. Ijeko walked away calmly. Suijeko looked amazed and said, "how...did of you?" Ultear quickly responded "no it was so fast!" Callie kept her worried look. Suddenly a voice came over Callie's head, she looked up and saw it was Jin, she first noticed the bubble gum pink hair. One of Jin's arms was resting on her seat and the other was supporting him up which was on Suijekos seat. Jin looked at Suijeko and said, "looks like a great new member huh?" Suijeko looked up and asked "you know him?" He smiled and said, "no but I'm just saying that he could be." Callie butted into the conversation by asking "I take it you're Jin, the new guy?" He bent himself so his head was right next to Callie's, smiled then said, "yes ma'am and your Callie right?" She nodded and kept a cold look which made Jin lift himself back up. She then asked in a authoritative tone, "where's Sasuke and Laruko?" Suijeko answered, "down at the lower part to get a closer look I hope they saw more of what just happened." Ultear agreed.
    The battle continued and both Kinshou and the mysterious Ijeko advanced, which made Callie worry more and more. The announcer came over the speaker to announce the next match. "Next up will be Kinshou against Ijeko!" Callie got up from her seat in shock and yelled "no!" Ultear had his hand already on her shoulder and gently pulled her back to her seat. "If you do something she'll be disqualified." Callie yelled at him "I rather she would be than killed!" They both stepped out from their sides. The announcer started the match. Kinshou thought to herself, "I have to be careful with this guy he's fast..." Ijeko bowed like he did with all his opponents then stood there. Kinshou put her hand on her sword ready to block. Ijeko didn't do anything, not even put his hand on his sword. Jin yelled "what's going on! Why isn't he fighting!?" Suijeko answered, "it could be that he's gotten weak from making all those fast moves." Ultear added, "or because his opponent is a girl." Kinshou yelled at Ijeko, "I think you'd attack me by now!" He said nothing back to her. "Fine, then I'll attack first!" she jumped up and slammed her sword down on him. The attack made a dust cloud, the crowd saw Ijeko jump out from it unharmed, they cheered. Kinshou chased after him, slashing away. His cloak was getting torn up. Suddenly she punched Ijeko's mask then kneed his stomach. He stumbled back and his mask cracked. Jin was getting angry, "gr, why isn't he fighting back!" He said well clenching his fist. Kinshou went to slash him and yelled, "why won't you fight back!" As the blade got close enough to Ijeko he grabbed the blade and ripped the sword from Kinshous hands. "Finally!" Jin yelled. "It doesn't matter to me" Kinshou said as she punched his stomach then powered kicked which sent him into the air. Ijeko hit fell and hit the ground hard, he got up weakly. Kinshou saw his mask cracking more. Jin watched as Ijeko was getting tossed around, he then look at the three other members sitting in front of him. He put his hand on the armrest and sent energy down into the battlefield. It stretched and went into Ijeko. Ijeko felt a pulse in his body. Kinshou walked over and punched what was left of the mask making it fall off.
    The mask had Koeji underneath. "Koeji!?"  Callie yelled. Ultear and Suijeko looked at her questionably. She saw them and quickly said "I mean... Who's that guy?" Kinshou looking surprised asked him, "what are you doing here?" He wiped the blood from his mouth and said. "I'm here to help by getting all the tough guys out of your way." He felt the pulse again. He started taking out his sword. Kinshou backed up, "then why are you taking out your sword!?" Koeji looked scared because he knew he wasn't doing it. "I don't know!" He got up and slashed at her. "Oh now you decide to fight!" she yelled as she dodged. "Its not me I promise!" Koeji shouted upset. She kicked him away and continued to yell, "then what could it be!?" He started slashing at her rapidly, as she avoided the moves she saw that Koeji was trying to pull himself back which made it easier to get away from the attacks. Though she was still getting cuts here and there. She noticed the Koeji was trying to make what ever it was controlling him to stop. "Koeji you can fight it!" Callie's eyes widened in fear, Jin smirked as he sat behind them and played. Koeji face was filled with terror, as he had just jabbed his blade into his friend Kinshou.
chapter 2 tell me whatcha think :work:

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This is getting even more interesting...
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