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October 20, 2010
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Chapter 1

scenery: just outside one of the most populated cities on a cliff edge where a teenage boy is at ends and faces off with the cops.

Kid: hm *looks over the edge and see a huge fall*

cop #1: Don't do it kid! Just turn yourself in.

cop #2: *starts walking towards kid* come here brat

Kid: Don't come any closer. I'll jump, I swear I will.

cop #2: No you won't *pushes kid off the ledge* Because I already pushed you.

*Kid falls down the steep cliff screaming in terror*

Kid: yup I'm falling to my death.

Kid: let me share with you how I got here.

Kid: my name is Koeji Agushi, I am a orphan who lives by myself.

Koeji: My parents died about a year ago. I get support from my super rich uncle from other country, who rather would just pay for me to live by myself then to live with him. I don't really care. I really cant explain it, but from an outside view people would say my life is pretty amazing. Supposedly I am the best looking guy at school. Thanks to my rich uncle I get all the best clothes. I am one of the smartest kids in the city. But the only time I'm truly happy is when...


cop: HEY KID tagging is illegal!

Koeji: *is running through an ally* Oh yea! Remind me when I care! Ahaha! *climbs over city fence and runs into the forest*

cop: captain Bushijo, he made a run for it in the forest.

Bushijio: I'm on it. Squad lets move out! *runs with a platoon of men after Koeji*

Koeji: *slides barely stopping self from falling over a ledge* That was close...

cop: Don't do it kid! Just turn yourself in.

Koeji: (and here we are)...(that guy Bushijo, is the one who pushed me over the cliff)

(back to reality)

cop: captain Bushijo! Are you insane!

Bushijo: Who cares! He's a punk kid. No one is going to care, what do you think his uncle is going to care that he has to stop writing a check to support this little brat.

Koeji: AHHHHHH *closes eyes*

Demonic voice: Koeji...

Koeji: Huh? *opens eyes and see's a image of a monster* WHAT THE HELL

Image: *opens mouth and swallows Koeji*

Koeji: AHHH *crashes into a grassy meadow*

fade out....

It was a quiet day in a far kingdom, a beautiful girl named Kinshou with high dreams of becoming a powerful council member like her mother Callie. She trained often alone due to her mother absences. But Kinshou didn't look at it as rejection she knew it was needed, she knew that the king of their kingdom had passed recently and the council was still trying to figure out who could take over and become the new king. She had higher standards than most because not only her mother, but her cousin Laruko who was also in the council. She laid on the grass exhausted looking up at the clouds only to see something falling from the sky.
"What is that?" she said looking at the open sky. At first she thought it may have been a bird with its wing broken just falling. But it couldn't be it was too large to be any kind of bird around this kingdom. She watched it crash not from where she was, she got up and ran to the object. Moving the tree branches and leafs out of the way she saw a crater with gray thick smoke coming from the center. As the fog weakened she saw a boy inside. "Eh!? Hey you okay!?" She slid down into the crater to get to the boy. She saw that he looked the same age as her which was 17. He had black hair with bangs that hung above his eyes, and to long side bangs that roughly frame his cheeks. She shook him a little."Hey wake up!" The boy started to open his green eyes, and when he did he looked around confused than sat up. She asked him, "hey... You alright? What happened? Why did you fall from the sky?" Not saying a word the boy shrugged and weakly stood up holding his head. "Then can you at least tell me your name?" she asked helping him stand.
The boy looked at her and smiled lightly. "The names Koeji,sorry for not answering my head hurts a lot." Still wondering she said "how did you fall..?" "All I can remember is I was being chased, then I came to a cliff and I didn't want the people to catch me so I jumped then poof I'm here" He responded rubbing his head. At first her face was filled with concern, but it quickly changed to a smile. She told Koeji, "well why don't you come to my house and I'll get something to help your headache, I know my mom won't mind." He agreed smiling back at her knowing that he was safe. So Kinshou helped Koeji out of the crater and took him to her large mansion like home. He looked at the home in amazement outside and when entering the home "wow, you just must be rich" he said. She giggling at first when entering her kitchen, then came out with an ice pack and gave it to Koeji and responded. "No my mom is apart of the council we have here, so you kind of just get a big home"
He took the cold ice pack and gently rested it on his head. "Thanks,so I take it your mom is strong then?" She nodded and said in a proud tone, "very, and she's wise but I know ill surpass her one day and my cousin as well!" Koeji raised an eyebrow at her "your cousin is in the council to, wow impressive family." Kinshou responded, "yeah but tell me about your family." Koeji looked away making his bangs cover his face. He said "well... My family was killed... That's one thing  I remember for sure." Kinshou quickly responded "oh I'm very sorry for bringing that up I didn't know." He looked up at her and saw she was sad and embarrassed, "it's okay you didn't know..." He said with a soft smile. Kinshou saw his smile and turned a little happier knowing that she didn't hurt her new friends feelings too much. "Well I have to get back to training you wanna come and watch?" she asked. He smiled more and said, "I have nothing better to do so why not." So Kinshou walked out of her home with Koeji into the forest to get to her private training spot. As they walked Koeji looked up to see not much light was being let in because of the thickness of the foliage, but on the way Koeji noticed a sword stuck in a tree. "What's that? Is it yours" he asked well walking over to it then looked at it closely. Kinshou answered, "No, it's been there for as long as I can remember but for some reason I could never get it out. I think there's some kind of magical energy keeping it there. Even my mom tried and she couldn't get it out either." Koeji put his hands on the handle of the sword gripping it. "Well let me give it a shot!" he gripped tighter onto the red handle, and gave it a glare as if it was mocking him. Kinshou smirked and said, "good luck you'll never get that thing ou-" Her voice turned to silence as she saw the boy pull the blade easily from the tree. He looked at the sword blade for a moment and watched what light did come through the trees make the blade shine. He then turned to Kinshou excited, "what were you going to say?" Kinshou shouted, "HOW DID YOU GET THAT SWORD OUT SO EASILY!?" He laughed at her jealousy then said "I'm just strong like that I guess, but let's just keep going so you can train." Even though she was jealous she lead Koeji to a circular opening in the middle of the forest. The breeze was let in, and it blew Kinshous light green, thin hair wave around. As she started training Koeji sat against a tree and watched. He would also look at the unsheathed sword. Staring he felt as if something was talking to him.
Night started coming, Kinshou stopped and looked at Koeji. "It's getting dark I think we should head home." He got up being careful with his new sword, "you sure your mom will let me stay at your house..?" She responded in assurance, "of course, she would never let a homeless boy like you not have a home for at least the night." Koeji smiled and they headed back, when they smelled food cooking and it was Kinshou's mother Callie preparing dinner. She was in the kitchen and heard them come in "ah welcome home did you have a nice training filled day?" The two walked into the kitchen and Kinshou said "yep." Callie turned around from the stove and saw that her daughter was with someone, "and whose your new friend?" She asked. "This is Koeji. I know this is going to sound strange but he crashed from the sky, and he said he doesn't have a family or home. So I thought we could let him stay for the night." Callie leaned against the sink which was close to the stove. Folding her arms she looked at Koeji with no emotion on her face. Koeji looked intimidated. He remembered hearing from Kinshou how strong she was. "Hm, I suppose so nice to meet you Koeji. You can stay here as long as you like." Koeji felt so relieved, "thank you very much Kinshou's mom" he said. "Your welcome, now you two get washed up well I get dinner ready" Callie said with a smile. Koeji set his sword up against the wall by the dinner table then followed Kinshou to the bathroom. As they both walked away Callie looked at the sword then looked at Koeji concerned.
me and my friend have been working on this story so we decided to put this on here enjoy

Next: [link]
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KAIRU-2RI Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not bad, but I would put it out once its drawn out.
sadly i cant get help from anyone to draw it... ^^;
KAIRU-2RI Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hmm...inbox me. I might be able to help.
i saw that coming..........
ichimaruspazzout Aug 3, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cant wait to read the rest!! super awesome~
GaiaDarkstar Jul 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very interesting. It feels like you were trying to make it a script but it has a long way to go to be a good script. Right now it seems like something in between a script and a novel. It's hard for me to explain without rewriting but lets just say you need to change to almost all dialogue and try to show what you describe in what people are saying.
TheNexus18 May 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting beginning...
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